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Jan 17, 2014
Hot New Home Design and Decorating Trends for 2014

2014 embarks on the trend of functional living. From location to decorating schemes, living space has become exactly that – a living space.  As we shift to be more technologically advanced with a growing consciousness for the environment, we will see more elements within homes to tie green initiatives and technology together to create a personal yet useful space.


  • Connectivity to the Outdoors- Fluidity between indoor and outdoor living will take the open concept to a new level. Personal outdoor space (ideally connecting indoor living) will be a must have - whether it's a deck or covered patio this space has become increasingly important.
  • The Drop Zone – This is a transitional space often between the garage and kitchen dedicated to hide keys, a purse, and/or other personal items.
  • Little spaces – Home designs will have a more efficient use of space to eliminate wasted rooms. Finished niche space will be incorporated in home designs to utilize as an office or craft area.
  • Flexible Family Space - Less wasted space in unused areas and more space in common living areas to give buyers lofts and flexible family space that can be utilized for multiple purposes such as a play room, den, homework center, etc.
  • Clutter Free with Added Storage - Built-in storage areas/units to better utilizing existing storage spaces. This is especially true in closets - built in closet units maximize the linear space of hanging areas.
  • Upgraded Electronics – From smart lighting to hidden electrical outlets, homes will incorporate elements to accommodate our growing use of technology.  These advanced homes will include HDMI plug-ins, hidden electronics, energy saving systems, and home safety devices; all of which can be controlled from a mobile device.


  • Inspiration – Inspiration platforms such as Houzz and Pinterest have shifted home décor trends from the “showcase home” to the comfortable and personal living space. These new platforms inspire people to create living areas that are both beautiful and functional.
  • Finishes and Decorating Themes - We are seeing a big trend toward a combination of vintage or mid-century paired with modern pieces. The combination of older looking furniture and modern colors and finishes is the must have look of 2014.
  • Mixing Elements – A mix of modern finishes like glass, tile/high gloss look with traditional features is an emerging decorating trend that we will see more of throughout the year.


  • Central Living – 2014 will be the year of the urban living revival. Home buyers seek a centralized location within walking distance of restaurants, parks and shopping, and will pay premium price to have this convenience.
  • 3-story Townhomes – Townhomes are not just for first-time buyers; many move-down buyers (we will see more of as boomers retire) enjoy the convenience of smaller spaces and less maintenance. Additionally these homes tend to boast a higher walk score.
  • Still Trending - Multi-generational families living together is still a trend, so first floor bedrooms/suites are very important. Buyers would rather have a first floor suite instead of a formal dining room.



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